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Vega Chemicals SRL


Tel/Fax: 021 4673448

 Mobile: 0731498784

Adress: str. Taberei nr. 12 Popesti-Leordeni,    (in incinta TIAB SA)

BRASOV Deposit

Tel/Fax: 021 4673448

 Mobile: 0731498784

Adress: str. Rampei nr. 1, Codlea, jud. Brasov


Acids: Acetic acid (technical and food); Citric acid (technical and food); Sulfuric acid; Phosphoric acid (technical and food); Hydrochloric acid; Hydrofluoric acid; Nitric acid

Miscellaneous Chemicals : Hydrogen Peroxide; Acetone; Trisodium phosphate; Ammonium bifluoride; Ammonium Persufate ; Chlorides (calcium, ammonium, potassium); Caustic Soda; Soda ash light; Sodium bisulfite (technical and food); Sodium pyrosulphite (technical and food); Sodium hypochlorite; Aluminum sulfate; Ferrous sulfate; Di butyl glycol; Potassium hydroxide; Xanthan gum; Stearic acid and stearates; Salt tablets; Nitrilic rubber (NBR)


Water Treatment : Coagulants and flocculants; Cationic and anionic polyelectrolytes; Defoamers; Sodium bisulfate; Ferric chloride; Ferric sulfate; Hydrogen peroxide

Pigments and dyes: Dyes (acids and direct); Solvents ; Organic and inorganic pigments; stains; textile dyes

Plastics – PVC, PE, PP: Stabilizers; Lubricants; Blowing agents; Impact Modifier; Processing aids

Packanging for transport and storage of dangerous goods (ADR): IBC (820 l and 1,000 l) – wood, plastic or metal pallet; Drums 60 l, 120 l, 220 l; Canisters 20 l, 30 l; Cans 10 l, 20l, 25l

Fiscal markers for heavy fuel and diesel